Designation –Assistant Professor
Qualification –M.A.(Pol.Sci.)M.Phil.Bed
Date of birth-22-03-73
Teaching Experience-19 Years.

She has participated in 39 Conferences and presented 18 research papers at  different level 0 4 papers presented in International Conference,06 in National level 04 in State level Conference ,0 3 Papers published in International Multidisciplinary Research Journal and 01 chapter published in Edited book. She has Submitted her PhD thesis on Topic-‘Contribution of State Commission for Women in protection and Conservation of Women Rights,in July 2017.She also completed 02 Refreshers and  02 Orientation Course sponsored by UGC. and arranged  by Staff Academic College of Nagpur,India .She has worked as Examiner and Moderator in UG. Examination of Political Science conducted by RTM. Nagpur University Nagpur. She also worked as MPSC. Paper Setter.

She also arranged one day State Level Seminar in her College on the topic “Panchayati Raj System –Women Empowerment.”


Since from establishment of College (i’e from1994 ) Department of Political Science Strongly & actively working to achieve its Aims, Objectives and Goals and also gets Success in it. Department is working to improve the values of Social activism in Students, to make devotion and improvement of Love towards our Nation in the Students. Also awake the Students about Political Socialization, faith in Indian Constitution & induce values of Constitution in Students mind like Equality, Liberty, Justice, Fraternity & awaking about our Rights and duties given to us by our Constitution. Department is also working to Motivate Students for Competitive Examination in Collaboration with Courier Guidance & Counselling Cell of College. For Enrichment of Course Content & to induce all Course Content in Students’ mind, Department apply all Traditional & Modern Tools & Techniques of Teaching like Lecture Method, Question Answer Methods, group discussion, using ICT , PPT teaching for Students. Department also arrange Class wise Seminar, Guest Lecture & Extension Programme like rally, Educational Visit, Study Tours which are related to Course content & Syllabus of the Subject, which makes Subject easy for the Students, Special Classes devoted for the improvement of the Students. Bridge Courses are also arranged for Newly coming Students admitted in B.A. I Year.


In 2013-14 Department organised following Programme for Students.

  • Organised Gandhi Vichar Sanhskar Examination for Students
  • Sadbhavana Rally on account of Gandhi Jayanti. Date 8 Oct.2013.
  • Guest Lecture on Politics and Journalism. Guest Speaker Shri Mangesh Indapawar (Reporter of Maharashtra Times News Paper) Date -15-10-2013.
  • Guest Lecture on Feminist Movement on account of Stri Mukti Din & Savitribai Fule Jayanti Guest Speaker Shrimati Asmita Bagade (Secretary Vansapada Khaperkheda)Date 3-Jan.2014.
  • Reading of Preamble of Indian Constitution on account of Constitution Day. 26 Nov.2014.



In 2014-15 Department organised following Programme for Students.

  • Guest Lecture on Parliamentary System Guest Speaker Dr. Sudhakar Jawale (HOD)Deptt. Of Political Science Mahatma Gandhi Arts & Commerce College. Parsheoni. Date 8 Aug. 2014.
  • Constitution Day Date- 26 Nov.2014.
  • Class Seminar of Student on Terrorism Reason’s & Remedies. Date- 28- Feb. 2015.
  • Institutional Level Seminar for College Students on Western Political Thinker ARISTOTIE

Guest Speaker for Ist Technical Session-Prof Dr. Sudhakar Jawale (HOD)Deptt. Of Political Science Mahatma Gandhi Arts & Commerce College. Parsheoni. Subject –State and its Origine.

Guest Speaker for IInd Technical Session-Prof. ParmureArt’s & Commerce College Patansawangi.Subject—Revolution in State –Reasons and Remedies. Date 1 oct. 2014



In 2015-16 Department organised following Programmes for Students.

1)Educational Visit to khaperkheda Police Station.Date-19 Nov.2015.

2)Arranged Guest Lecture for Students on Indian Government—-Problems & Remedies. Guest Speaker- Dr. Vakil Sheikh Art’s Commerce & Science College Koradi, Mahadula. Date-09 Feb.2016.

3) Celebrating Voting Day –Students presented their opinion on Voting Right. Date 22 Jan.2016.

4)Delivered Guest Lecture in Khaperkheda Police Station. on” Domestic Violence,. Date-22 July 2015.

5) Delivered Guest Lecture in Mahatma Gandhi Arts & Commerce College Parsheonion on ‘Terririsom,Date-29 Dec.2015.


In 2016- 17 Department organised following Programmes for Students.

  • Arranged Guest Lecture for Students on Feminist Approach

Guest Speaker –Dr. Sampada Kullarwar HOD.Political Science. Women’s College of Art’s & Commerce .

Nandanwan, Nagpur.Date-23Aug.2016.

  • Arranged Sadhabhavana Rally on account of Hutatma Day.Date-30 Jan.2017.
  • Arranged Voting Awareness Rally from College to Bhanegeon Region.Date-31 Jan.2017.
  • Arranged Educational Visit to( Sevagram & Pawanar).Date- 9 March 2017.
  • Arranged Seminar on Women’s Leader in Local Self Government at Rural Politics.(Khaperkheda region) Date- 6 March 2017.
  • Delivered Guest Lecture on Rani Laxmibai Women’s College Sawargeon in Workshop on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace. Sponsored by State Women Commission of Maharashtra.Date-27 Feb. 2017.


In 2017-18 Department organised following programme for Students.

  • Arranged Rally on account of Gandhi Jayanti .from College to Prakash Nagar Area . Khaperkheda . at the same time give Educational Visit to Exhibition held on Club no.2 Khaperkheda .on Gandhiji’s Biography. Date -3 Oct. 2017
  • Arranged Guest lecture for Student on” Right to Information,.

Guest Speaker- Prof. Parmure Art’s & Commerce College Patansawangi

Date-5 Dec.2017

  • Celebrating Constitution Day. Students taking Prayer to follow our Constitution and give respect to it.Date- 26 Nov. 2017.
  • Arranged voting Awareness rally under Voting Awareness Programme by Department.Date-31 Jan 2018.
  • Arranged Educational Visit of Student to ‘Dixabhumi ‘& Museum (Ajayb Bangla) at Nagpur . as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was founder of Indian Constitution & Dixabhumi is work place of Dr. Ambedkar. and Indian Government & Politics was Course Content of BA.II 3rd & 4th Semester so this visit become beneficial for understanding Course Content to Student as well as Fundamental Duties is also a part of course Content .& to save and preserve our museum and Historical Places is one of the fundamental duty of Indian Citizen .so this Visit is most beneficial for Student to understand Course Content. Date 27 Jan. 2018.
  • Arranged Institutional level Seminar on J.S. Mill

Guest Speaker -1st Technical Session Dr. Sheela Khedikar

VMV. College Wardhaman Nagar Nagpur.

Guest Speaker – 2nd Technical Session Dr. Amar Bondre

VMV. College Wardhaman Nagar Nagpur.Date 19 Feb.2018.

  • Delivered Guest Lecture in Taywade Art’s , Commerce & Science College Koradi Mahadula. Date-17- Feb. 2018 .


  • Shri Shailesh Maraskolhe (Works as Member of Gram Panchayat Bhanegeon) B.A. III.(2014-15)
  • Shri Dilip Yewale ( Works as Reporter of Dainik Puny Nagari News Paper Khaperkheda ,Koradi region.) B.A.III(2007-08)