Core Values

  • Maintaining sense of commitment and social responsibility.
  • Providing equal opportunity without making any sort of discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, religion, race, region or disability.
  • Embracing diversity and inclusion for the pursuit of excellence.
  • Inculcate socio-economic, cultural, moral, ethical, environmental values for the overall personality development of the students.
  • Respect for dignity and self-esteem of all the stakeholders.
  • Maintaining moral uprightness, creativity, honesty, integrity in a disciplined manner.
  • Contribute to the social and natio
Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics

We believe in equitable and ethical practices, tolerance of differences and a mutually supportive work culture. We expect all our staff members, students and associates to follow an appropriate code of conduct. We also try to ensure that all professionals in our institutions, whether academic, administrative or others, follow professional ethics appropriate for their positions. More details can be found in our handbook which describes the code of conduct and principles of professional ethics we follow.

View theĀ Code of Conduct and Ethics Handbook