After another tiring week-end to getting the people within my cellphone confused and possibly neglecting their particular brands (because we give everyone a nickname and now you’ll find way too many and just why is every guy named CHRIS?! OR RYAN?) I realize I am faltering miserably at juggling business–it was time for a refresher program.

Rule No. 1:

The initial rule of juggling, is actually cannot discuss juggling… Just joking. The very first rule is:

You don’t settle.

Give it time to sink around. Let it marinate for some mere seconds. Now never forget about it.

Usually do not settle for:
– somebody else’s boyfriend
– a cheater
– a liar
– a chain-smoking, online-poker playing, borderline alcoholic with Peter Pan Syndrome (my personal bad, which was me, we hopped on the bitter train for an additional)
– fuckfaces
– douchelords
– whoever reminds the tiniest little bit of Chris Brown or Kevin Federline or Jesse James

Rule Number 2:

Quantity versus Quality. Precisely what do after all by that, just?

I’m not telling you to express yes to each and every. single. guy. that wants your own digits. But I’m suggesting never to be extremely discerning. A very sensible (and gorgeous) girl once stated “walk out of your online dating comfort zone.”

When your gut reaction to a guy was “no”, take one minute to judge exactly why. Whether or not it’s anything silly like his boots, log off your large pony and give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

But if your gut reaction ended up being “no, no, hell no!” because you just saw him mackin’ on a dead ringer for babyslut Taylor Momsen or he’s putting on a t-shirt that claims “Federal Breast Inspector” (or even worse, Ed Hardy) next you should, pick your own intuition girl. Pass!

We have to cuddle with plenty of frogs before we discover the prince.

If tall, dark and good-looking isn’t working for you, attempt another taste. As a matter of fact, taste the rainbow. Test every flavor. Moderate, blond and stubbly. Mmmmm.

Rule Number 3:
end up being yourself. People who mind, don’t make a difference and people who matter,
never care about.”
~ Dr. Suess

Hell-ohhh-o, the guy knows their shit. Dr. Suess, was actually in the end, a doctor.

Allow the nut flag travel!

If you want to put on evening eye make-up during the daytime sometimes, do so.
Should you want to take in alcohol rather than martinis, get it done.
If you want to wear houses to the club occasionally, get it done.
If you want to wear ski socks below your gorgeous shoes, ’cause it is damn cold outside, do so.
If you want to drink cocktails from a Paul Frank mug on brand-new many years Eve, exercise.
If you wish to get a fuchsia charge card from a swanky shop, you will seldom have the ability to utilize, just because its red, take action.
If you would like use sleepwear to your own party, f’ing dooooo it. (Yes, some or all of this can be via personal expertise. I am odd and that’s why everybody else some wicked amazing people love me.)
If you wish to wear sweats toward club, for any love of Jesus, don’t freaking do this.

Be yourself. Like that, you will definitely usually know individuals that love you, tend to be adoring you for you.

Rule Number Four:

Juggle, with honesty and self-confidence.

Now you’re runnin’ around, getting the time of everything. Texting like a fiend. Online Dating like men seeking men Evansville, but still crossing the feet like a female. Cuddle to your heart’s content.

End up being beforehand, you aren’t tied up as a result of one guy particularly. Don’t dislike the player, dislike the game as well as that bull shit, merely that, bull crap. Have stability. Manage to look yourself inside the mirror.

Cannot come to be their own homemaker, their unique rent-a-girlfriend or their unique *shudder* “buddy” (unless you wish to be in the friends-zone). Cannot come to be Justin Bobby and hug the black lipstick sporting drunkslut into the club gardens away from Audrina… or perhaps you know… situation with genders corrected.

In the event that you determine some body during the rotation isn’t worth your own time, since they turned into a douchetard, or you’re just not feeling it, do the appropriate motion. Tell the truth. Be nice.

However, if he is a nice man, just not obtainable, say-so.

And even though we’re on the subject of sincerity, another which you carry out opt to select a fortunate champion from lot and lock that crap down, you need to let the some other men know. Or, you certainly can do the thing I performed and change the fb condition. Try to let the assholes know very well what’s upwards be a grown up (maybe not!) preventing going back their particular messages.

Rule Number Five:

Be secure. This can be a two parter.

Get butt regarding medicine, the needle, the sponge, dual case it, I don’t proper care. Do not someone’s infant mama.

Additionally, manage your own heart with care. The 2nd a dude displays not as much as admirable attributes either contact him onto it, or cut their ass loose. (See number 4)

Please understand that i will be in no way a health care professional (just like the all-knowing Suess) or a professional. Take-all of your with a grain of sodium, and of course…be open. Always keep the heart start!